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New York Productions

THE egg PrOgeCT

Directed by Andrea Andresakis





My Purple Wig

Directed by Andrea Andresakis

purple wig

Opening November 7th, 2013
The LION THEATRE at Theatre Row in New York City


Fighting Cancer One Show at a Time


Hip Hop High The Musical

Directed by Andrea Andresakis

Saturday, October 19th, 6:00-6:45

Ripley Grier Studios, 939 8th Avenue (between 55th & 56th) Studio 2B


Have You Earned It? Or Were You Born With It?

Industry Presentation: Songs, Scenes and Choreography

Featuring Devon Stone from Spring Awakening and the fiercest dancers in the business!


Spandex The Musical

Co-Directed by Andrea Andresakis

spandex banner

dancing at spandex"Spandex is a hidden gem of a musical comedy."  
James Russo and Kelcie Kosberg: Entertainment Hour 

“Mixed in with the exercise routines, camp, and spandex-laced costumes is… a poignant heartfelt story of two women who find the strength to better themselves. Adam Rothenberg, “Call Me Adam”

“Really great!... funny, and the music was super catchy…Well put together."
Robert Lopez (cowriter of "Avenue Q" and "Book of Mormon")


spandex pic3 pics from the productionMay 2011:   Spandex is born when Annie Grunow approaches Daniel F. Levin somewhere in Long Island, shows him the 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobics Championship hosted by Alan Thicke, and asks a simple question: how is this not already a musical?

June 2012:  An industry reading is held in the East Village. Crunch Gym is in the audience.  A partnership of non-judgmental exercise is born. 

crunchMay 2013:   Spandex the Musical, under the sponsorship of Crunch Gym, goes up Off-Broadway as the first production in the new 777 Theatre. Serious sweat ensues.



featured on fox news 5, local 1, crain's business


The Making Of Spandex (video)

Spandex: The Musical: Theatrical Trailer(video)

Nothing can keep you down.  No man.  No woman.  Not even a mulleted fitness instructor who feeds you diet pills, and barks that you’ll always be a loser.

In the world of competitive aerobics, 2 women will take charge of their lives, tightening glutes and delts along the way. A stifled housewife and a former gymnast discover the power of the burn through the new aerobics movement. When the maniacal Trip Allen threatens their routine, they and their class challenge him in the only place he might be vulnerable: the 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobics Competition, hosted by Alan Thicke. Inspired by the cult YouTube classic, this is the first musical brave enough to take on the stunning sights and sounds of 1980's aerobics.


Final Analysis

Movement by Andrea Andresakis

final analysis


August 8 - October 5

The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre at
The Pershing Square Signature Center
480 W. 42nd Street


Elizabeth Jasicki and Ezra Barnes in Final Analysis. Photo by Joan Marcus.



Malvolio's Revenge

Choreographed by Andrea Andresakis

Malvolio's Revenge


Sunday, February 10th
Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue (btw. 36th & 37th Streets)
6pm Wine & Cheese Reception
4 & 7pm Performance (60-min. show)




Directed by Andrea Andresakis

Human Rights Festival

Abingdon Theatre

  • Lola-Luning's-First-Steps
  • Mama-Africa
  • Sterilization

A festival of plays that explore what happens to women who are entangled and stuck in a web of unbearable situations when their human rights have been violated or taken away.

Lola Luning's First Steps, by Kristine M. Reyes
As Lola Luning's worsening dementia causes the trauma of her young life in the Philippines during WWII to resurface, her granddaughter Gabriela struggles to uncover the whole story. Meanwhile, Lola Luning's daughter Virgie denies that what is happening is anything more than the workings of a failing mind, exposing her inability to confront the truth about her own past. Can Gabriel put together the pieces of her family's history before Lola Luning falls deeper into dementia and their story is lost forever?

Mama Africa and Sterilization, by Jacqueline Wade
Mama Africa, is a Rwandan refuge. Sterilization, takes place in Nazi Germany. How do these women find freedom and survive?


The Long Hymn of Dilemma

by Raymond Cothern
Directed by Andrea Andresakis
with Jonathan Wiener and Talia Marie Aull


Davenport Theatricals


Playing Moliere

Directed by Stephen Burdman
Presented by the New York Classical Theatre
Andrea Andresakis, Style Coach

  • IMG 3394 Ec
  • IMG 3394 Ec
  • IMG 3406 Ec
  • IMG 3333 Ec
  • IMG 3373 Ec
  • DSC 4726 Epc
  • IMG 3462 C
  • IMG 3464 C
  • IMG 3602 Ec
  • DSC 5383ec

NY Classical Theatre


Mrs. Ryan of Maspeth, Queens

Written by Dr. Vanda
Directed by Andrea Andresakis

With Angelo Angrisani, Alex Carney, Valerie David, Andrea Sooch, Carol Mennie, Eric Percival, Jenny Vallancourt, Matthew Stein, Sarah Polen, Tevy Bradley, Virginia Baeta, and Tamara Scott as Mrs. Ryan

Manhattan Theatre Source





Choreographed by Andrea Andresakis


Wing’s Theatre



Directed & Choreographed by Andrea Andresakis

  • Ls (1)
  • Ls (2)
  • Ls (3)
  • Ls (4)
  • Ls (5)
  • Ls (6)
  • Ls (7)

Theatre at St. Clement's, NYC



Choreographed by Andrea Andresakis

  • Muchado
  • Muchado1

NY Classical Theatre, NYC



Directed by Andrea Andresakis

  • Wait Until Dark (1)
  • Wait Until Dark (2)
  • Wait Until Dark (3)
  • Wait Until Dark (4)

The ACC Theatre, NYC



Directed & Choreographed by Andrea Andresakis

  • Quiet Cry (1)
  • Quiet Cry (2)
  • Quiet Cry (3)
  • Quiet Cry (4)
  • Quiet Cry (5)

The Lion Theatre on Theatre Row: 410 West 42nd Street, NYC



Directed by Andrea Andresakis

  • The Sunshine Girl (1)
  • The Sunshine Girl (2)
  • The Sunshine Girl (3)
  • The Sunshine Girl (4)
  • The Sunshine Girl (5)

Playwrights Horizons on Theatre Row: 416 West 42nd St., NYC


LE PETITE PRINCE, the musical

Directed and Choreographed by Andrea Andresakis

  • The Little Prince (2)
  • The Little Prince (1)
  • The Little Prince (3)
  • The Little Prince (4)
  • The Little Prince (5)
  • The Little Prince (6)

Merkin Concert Hall, NYC


NELLIE, The Musical

Choreography by Andrea Andresakis

  • Nellie, The Musical (2)
  • Nellie, The Musical (1)
  • Nellie, The Musical (3)
  • Nellie, The Musical (4)
  • Nellie, The Musical (5)
  • Nellie, The Musical (6)

Lambs Theatre / Greenwich Street Theatre, NY



NY Productions Staged by Associate Artistic Director Andrea Andresakis

  • DD01
  • DD02
  • LW01
  • DG01


Directed by Andrea Andresakis

  • BD01

Kraine Theatre, NYC



Directed by Andrea Andresakis

  • DR01
  • DR02

Producers Club, NYC


Musical Staging by Andrea Andresakis

  • FH01

Wings Theatre



Directed by Andrea Andresakis

  • The Fantastics (2)
  • The Fantastics (1)
  • The Fantastics (3)
  • The Fantastics (4)
  • The Fantastics (5)

Queens College, NY



Choreography by Andrea Andresakis

  • Brigadoon (1)
  • Brigadoon (1)
  • Brigadoon (2)
  • Brigadoon (3)

Merle Ave. Auditorium, NY