After seeing Ms. Andresakis' production, I told her how impressed I was with her work. I've seen many productions (some with enormous budgets and visibility) fall into the deadly trap of playing the show for laughs. It was clear that Ms. Andresakis had encouraged the actors to create earnest and believable characters.

– Edie Cowan, original staging Little Shop Of Horrors

Andrea proved herself to be an invaluable collaborator from the first day of auditions. Her task was challenging, as she was working with dancers of varying degrees of expertise, from Broadway hoofers to world champion ballroom dancers. One of her great strengths is quickly identifying performers' strengths and weaknesses. The dance numbers were crafted so that the arc was thoughtfully developed.

– Jeff Meredith, Artistic Director Virginia Musical Theatre

Characters and story came alive under Andrea's creative direction, choreography and scene development. I found Andrea to be hard working, thoughtful and ethical.

– Ruth Anne Ring, Board of Directors Troupers Light Opera

She came to EMU with stellar recommendations from previous collaborators and graced our department and students with her insights, creativity and high standards. Andrea was able to communicate her vision for the production and work successfully in realizing it. One of Andrea's strengths lies in her commitment to theatre as a collaborative and life-changing art.

– Heidi Winters Vogel, Theatre Chair Eastern Mennonite University

What struck me most about her choreography was that it furthered the dramatic action of the preceding scene. Her work illuminated my direction and more than once I changed my approach to the text in response to her insight. She has a very keen eye for storytelling and a deft hand with stage picture.

– Chris Clavelli, Associate Artistic Director Florida Rep

Ms. Andresakis directed two of my plays Lucy's Waltz and Stragglers. Among the qualities I value in her as a director are her ability to work well with actors in a constructive and positive way, her respect for my rights as a playwright, and her willingness to invite me to attend auditions and rehearsals and to incorporate my comments into her rehearsals.

– Frances Galton, Artistic Director American Playwrights Theatre

Andrea's approach to directing was a liberating experience. I felt my acting blossom because of this new found freedom. I am so grateful to Andrea for teaching me her unique process and really I enjoyed working under her direction.

– Laura Faith, Actress


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